Setup Instructions (Written in 2014)




The following steps will instruct you when creating the electronic version of the   LOG: The LOG is a document where you can LOG YOUR AWARENESS OF POSITIVE FEELINGS AND ARTICULATION OF STRENGTHS.


 STEP 1: Create a new Folder on your Desktop and name it LOG FOLDER.


STEP 2: Download from a website, or open an email Attachment that includes three documents. The documents are (1) SETUP INSTRUCTIONS,      (2) LOG Guide and (3) LOG Entry Form.  Save these 3 files to the LOG FOLDER.


STEP 3: If possible, print these SETUP INSTRUCTIONS and the LOG Guide. Then start by following the SETUP INSTRUCTIONS. (If you cannot print these two documents, you can put them all up on the screen in layers where some part of each document shows enough that any one can be highlighted when activated.)


STEP 4: Read the LOG Guide to understand the four steps of the logging process.


STEP 5: Open the LOG Entry Form and read the suggestions on the upper third of the page.


STEP 6: Before going on to STEP 7, save the LOG Entry Form you opened in STEP 5 to a file that has a different file name using the <SAVE AS> function.  For example, you might save it as: LOG Entry # 2.  This will enable you to start a new logging process with a fresh form if you want to do so sometime in the future.


STEP 7: Fill in the LOG Entry Form according to the guidelines listed in the LOG Guide. Always <SAVE> to update your new responses to the existing document before quitting the document.


STEP 8: When adding new responses to the LOG Entry Form at a later time, open the previously SAVED LOG Entry Form, which you stored in your LOG Folder.


STEP 9: Always SAVE to update the existing document before quitting.


(Saved on 9/19/13 by Jerald Forster)

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