LOG Excerpt#2

LOG Entry Form for Jennifer



Section 1: Positive Feelings

 092413 I felt the best yesterday as I was walking toward the post office with my story VIP in my hand. I had an intuitive feeling to look into a store window and saw a Maurice Sendak book displayed and a cast iron pigeon standing next to it. It was as if the universe were patting me on the back and saying “Good job.” I am happiest at such moments of synchronicity. I feel suspended in a loving web of meaning.



I felt great when I was editing photos and I saw the photo of the white candytuft against the background of blue flowers. Wow! It was so beautiful. I could not wait to share it with my friends on Facebook. I enjoyed taking the picture, because I thought it was going to look good.


Honored to witness the insights NW came to vis. accepting loss, enjoying life. I had nothing to add. It was being in the presence of her insights that brought me joy.


Taking a risk in my call with WR, and making that deep, next level connection around the “apple manifestation” and getting what we want. Feeling our relatedness profoundly. I had made spontaneous notes before our coaching call. She confirmed that the Vedic concepts were useful at this time.

Section 2: Possible Strengths or Maybe I have… Maybe I am a…        

092413   ability to pay close attention

willingness to be loved by the universe

sticking with it to completion


good eye for photography

good photo editor

sharing beauty and good feelings











Section 3: Self-Articulated Strengths OR What do I mean by that?


teacher/guide: the Vedic wisdom/models I learned in an oral tradition help me provide meaningful context for people’s experiences

paying attention: I have a keen sense for forward motion. I can look at a log jam in a person’s thoughts, and identify where progress is possible quickly and easily. I am good at getting people to commit by setting the right goal. Not too much at once.

I know the value of building on successes.

I am a maker.

I make poems, stories, photographs, businesses, websites, advertising materials, relationships, ideas.

     What do I mean by taking time to enjoy being alive? I do not always give in to my mind’s default settings. Those default settings are telling me to hustle and bustle like a little squirrel gathering nuts for the winter. But sometimes I put everything to the side, and pay attention to the moment I am in. Paying attention in the moment is always a joy.

    When I edit my photos, I spend a lot of time at it, and I edit them for a feeling like joy. I don’t always know why the picture evokes the feeling rationally although sometimes I make rational choices about how I edit. First and foremost I am editing to share joy. More than a good photo editor, I think I have a strength of sharing joy.


Section 4: Current listing of my top 10 Strengths                       

January 27, 2014

1. I am a mystic.

This means that I have an unshakable belief that the best knowledge of reality is accessible to every human mind, with no requirements of education, training, institutions, or relationships.

April 9, 2014

(Revision of #1 strength):

It means I value internal positive experiences both in myself and in others.

April 22, 2014

 (Revision of  #1 strengths):

It means YES to the objective and subjective, rather than science OR religion. 

2. I have knowledge of Vedanta.

This means I have tools for communicating with others about the reality continuum from the external, waking world, to the deep silence of sleep.

3. I am passionate about human development.

This means that I continue to grow, and I will accompany anyone who is exploring or enjoying their capacity for insight.

4. I am able to give.

This means that I have the freedom to choose my actions based on my passion, and do not have to limit my choices and actions based on survival fears.

5. I can keep it light and fun.

This means that in teaching and guiding others, I am appealing and safe, and empowering for the other.

6. I have a knack for seeing where progress is possible.

This means that people who work with me experience feeling their own growth.

7. I care about the people I teach and serve.

This makes me tolerant and inclusive as I hold a vision for the health and happiness of the people I work with.

8. I am happy outdoors.

I see the love that I feel in my heart reflected in the life that greets me in nature.

9. I understand that individuals are not sharing one real reality, they are free to construe things as they will.

This means that I can be a very good, nonjudgmental listener.

10. I have a broad base of introspective methods.

I can help people think, focus, relax, observe, write, talk, contemplate, reflect, intuit, and meditate their way to greater self-knowledge.

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