LOG Excerpt#3

Excerpts from Kate’s DS LOG


Step 1 – Positive Feelings as they occur (over several days)

1 Located a bunch of information (online) that will be useful to grad students

2 clipped off dead raspberry canes and took to the burn pile

3 made dinner with my husband and had a friend over (whose wife is away) and we had a nice time, both cooking and asking him questions about his interesting life

4 took a walk/run down to the river and cleaned deadfall off the pathway – glad to get the exercise (felt antsy before, satisfied after)

5 attending (by telephone) class on brain-based coaching and had several resources to share – also experiences that related well to the teaching point

6. reviewing my material for a training and found ways to make it more “usable” to participants by changing the format of the wording

7 asked by colleague to review a chapter of a book she is writing and really enjoyed it 1) that she trusted me to do it) and 2) that it was a wonderful exercise in idea association and information, and 3) that I did what she asked, and did not tell her about the grammatical issues I saw because she didn’t need that kind of editing)

8 found a resource for a client and sent it off

9 recognizing and identifying birds at the feeder – looking them up in our bird-book collection (4-6?)

10 carried wood – loaded it into pull-cart and took several loads to the garage – exercise felt good and is satisfying to see a wood supply in the garage that will keep us warm in the woodstove

11 on Sunday afternoon, took several hours to enjoy myself reading a mystery – enjoyed the exploration of a new world (tattoo artist) and the intricacies of a well-written plot

12 spent several hours online finding information relevant to my brain-based coaching class that explains my (rather unusual to the class) reactions to some of the exercises – very fun, very interesting

13 realized I hadn’t had enough exercise today, so took a walk/run down to the river and got a great feeling of health along with the beauty of spring. Picked more deadfall off the pathway.  Came back and did push-ups and pull-ups to complete the exercise job.

14 saw the goose in the field and walked as far as I could around her to avoid disturbing her evening

15 again found useful information online and savored the finding of it

16  almost always get up first, make coffee and sit in my grandmother’s rocking chair, shelling a handful of pistachios while the coffee perks, looking out past the deck and enjoying the weather. Then I pour two cups, take one to my husband and go to my office with the other. (one of the few routines I enjoy)

17 reviewed the workshop outline (DS4Coaches) thoroughly and wrote questions and notes in the margins to ask J about when we talk. Felt food to be imagining the workshop process as it would go, feeling/ knowing it is solid and useful


Step 2 – Possible Strengths

1 finder- searcher -  researcher

2  curious, resourceful, resource finder, collector of information

3  friend – good cook – appreciative of food/wine – interested in friends ???

4  athletic, healthy, exercises

5  resourceful (with resources) knowledgeable, able to make connections between concept and reality, willing to share information, and have a lot of information to share

6 communication skills, ability to see better ways of communicating, by adding space and thus emphasizing content, etc, to help readers focus on what’s important

7 intellectual exercising, active associative brain qualities, throwing abstract concepts around without attachment to only one point of view, able to “get” abstract concepts and compare them, able to exercise social restraint, able to articulate and discuss abstract concepts, compare analogies and metaphor

8 resource finder, helpful (with information)

9 knowledgeable about birds around our area, looking up names and learning about their habits


Step 3  - Self-Articulated Strengths

1 constant learner

2 collector of information – resource finder, sharer, inquisitive

3. physical skills and generally healthy

4 hand-eye coordination and hand skills

5 intellectually active, curious and able, critical thinker

6 communicates well in clear writing, and values the practical

7 curiosity in and respect for friends and clients

8 good cook and appreciator of good food and drink

9 enthusiastic teacher, especially show and tell about neat ideas, concepts, etc

10 sees “between the lines” and “gets” the future implication of events, situations, policies – foresight

11 original and not afraid to go my own way in things that are important to me, and which don’t affect others adversely


Step 4  -  Top 10 Strengths

1.     Creative, independent investigator

2.     Effective facilitator of learning

3.     Experienced at re-packaging practical information to make it more accessible

4.     Committed to empowerment of all individuals through independent learning and career/life skills education

5.     Good listener and able to “connect with diverse range of individuals

6.     Perceptive at analyzing situations and picking out salient points and motivating factors, intuitively grasps effects of current developments and trends

7.     Relentless asker of good questions

8.     Eager to make connections, encourage partnerships and stimulate creativity

9.     Quick study and independent learner, enthusiastic about ideas and thinking

10.  Instigator

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