Goal of SfC

The primary goal of Strengths-focused-Coaching (SfC) is to facilitate greater awareness the articulated strengths of their clients.                (WRITTEN IN 2014)


    This articulation process is not a one-time event, but is a process that hopefully will continue for the rest of the client’s life.  Continuing articulation of strengths enables the person to become more aware of personal qualities that she or he especially appreciates and values. The continuing articulation also helps the person describe those strengths more clearly.

    The person becomes empowered by his/her increased awareness of the connection between those qualities and the positive feelings evoked by opportunities to use those positive qualities, which can also be called strengths.

     In other words, your self-articulated strengths are those that are accompanied by your most positive feelings when you are using those strengths. The increased awareness of positive feelings, and the enhanced articulation of related strengths,  operate as a feedback loop wherein each influences the other to create an upwards spiral.

     Unfortunately, many people are not very aware of these positive feelings when the feelings arise, and they may not have any words to identify or articulate the personal qualities that actually caused those positive feelings.

     During the phase of becoming more aware of positive feelings, it is important to differentiate between (1) those positive feelings that had little or nothing to do with what you did, and (2) those that were directly caused, or at least influenced by, what you did.

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