Coaches Plan



Background Information:

The website provides essential information and guidelines for developing a more positive self-identity. Clients of coaches would benefit by engaging in activities that increase their mindfulness and their awareness of newly-articulated strengths. Their enhanced feelings of well-being and self-confidence will increase the effectiveness of what they do with their coach. The synergy from the combination of coaching and increased positive identity will make the coaching more impactful than if there was no use of SfI.

This preparation plan was developed to prepare coaches to use the SfI website as a means to provide enhanced coaching services. Coaches who want to help their clients develop the practice that is facilitated by the SfI website, will benefit from an orientation to the website and how it works. For this reason, the designers of the website have devised a minimal training program for coaches whose clients are engaged in the practice facilitated by the SfI website. This minimal training program is described below:

Format and Activities for the Orientation Program for Coaches:

Engage in three 90-minute sessions scheduled once each week;

Between sessions, try out the activities recommended on the SfI website;

Develop your own description of your Top 10 Strengths before the 3rd session;

Have an Individual Session with a SfI Trainer before working with a client using SfI.

All orientation sessions are held using the Zoom Internet platform, so participants must have a computer with a camera. Having sessions accessed through the internet requires no travel time, meaning that the time required to participate is much less than if you were going to a workshop or to a Trainer’s office.

The actual cost of this Orientation Program for Coaches has not been set, but it will probably be in the range of $600 - $800.

There will be a FREE Pilot Program for this Orientation.

Three coaches will be selected for this Pilot Program.

The 3 primary group sessions will be scheduled at a time compatible with the selected coaches and the SfI-Trainers.

The 3 group sessions will be scheduled to occur within a 30-day period.

The Individual Planning Session will be scheduled after the group sessions and after a client has been selected by the coach. Other individual consulting sessions will be available if the coach requests such sessions.

If interested in this Pilot Program, call Jerald Forster at 206-523-2931, to set up a Zoom-enabled session to exchange the information you and Jerald need to complete the decisions.