Are you a strengths-focused coach?

You will be moving in that direction if you agree with the following statements:

 People benefit from articulating their strengths.

 Strengths can be articulated by exploring memories of positive experiences and identifying personal qualities that were demonstrated during those experiences.

* The strengths-articulation process works best when done with others. 

* By continuing to articulate your strengths you develop a more positive self-identity, which provides a foundation for positive development and flourishing.

        You can learn more about becoming a Strengths-focused Coach by attending a 7- hour workshop offered by the Center for Dependable Strengths (CDS).         

       This Strengths-focused-Coaching (S-f-C) workshop will provide you with carefully developed guidelines for carrying out three complementary processes:

(1) Articulating strengths with 3-5 others;

(2) Articulating strengths in an intentional Strengths-focused-Relationship

(3) Articulating strengths through The LOG, using an introspective process: reflecting on positive experiences and describing personal qualities that might have contributed to the positive feelings that were evoked.

      Workshop participants will experience parts of the three processes described above.  They will receive guidelines for each of the processes and recommendations on how to implement them with clients.

Your next opportunities to participate in the 7-hour workshop are on either 4/25/14 or 7/11/14. (Information: $138 for Registration; 7 ICF CCEU’s)

 Contact Jerald Forster at 206 523 2931 or for more information.

For information about registering for future workshops, go to:


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