This version of the Strengths-focused-Coaching (SfC) website was last edited October 16, 2017. In the Introduction, which is the first title in the Contents list, we will explain a little about how this website is to be used in conjunction with the Strengths-focused-Identity (SfI) website. It will say that the Strengths-focused-Identity (SfI) website is the one that has the most valuable information needed by all people who want to articulate their strengths. The SfC has some valuable things to say to coaches about how to use the SfI in their coaching practice, but the content and methods of the basic process that will be practiced by clients will be on the SfI website.

     There is, on the SfC website, useful historical information about the basic process that was conceived and conducted in 2014, but the up-to-date information about how to be mindful of thoughts & feelings, and how to articulate strengths is now found on the SfI website (Site 2- shown below).

     Please scan the SfC site for specific information about how coaches can prepare to use the SfI website with their clients, and then go to the SfI website to see what the client will be doing when using the SfI website.

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Later, I invite you to visit two other sites on related ideas:

Site 1: strengths-focused-relationships site, click here.

Site 2:  strengths-focused-identity (SfI) site,  click here

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